MBJ Group is a Human Resources Talent Management Company.

MBJ Group services include:

  • Non-Profit Searches
  • For-Profit Searches
  • Career Transition
  • Pre-employment Assessments
  • Job Benchmarking and Talent Assessments
  • Communication Seminars
  • Team Development
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Philanthropic – Talent Management

MBJ Group is a provider of employee, group & individual talent management solutions. We provide the tools needed to benchmark, replenish, onboard, manage, develop, motivate and retain the top 20% of employees, contributing to the success of the individual and the organization.

The MBJ Group of companies provides staff development and strategic services from finding the skills and the talent to filling a position (recruiting and hiring). We help develop individuals and teams to higher levels of performance. We also work to create a strategic environment in planning and in group markets that supplies the leadership solutions that your organization needs in an increasingly competitive market.

The MBJ organization blends a unique combination of entrepreneurial value, corporate experience in the for-profit and non-profit arenas with operational excellence that create performance enhancements opportunities for our clients – individual & corporate.

MBJ Group has the creativity, human capital and strategic resources to get the performance you need in your organization.

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We will be out of the office from Thursday, January 12 through Tuesday January 17th. If there is need to contact us we will have limited availability on our cell phones – Mary Beth – 941-780-3877; Jim 941-780-3887.