There’s a distinct difference between career transition and career coaching. Although, more often than not, people have a hard time distinguishing between the two.

So what separates these two talent management services? The answer is simple.

Career transition helps individuals determine their skills and talents, through a series of online assessments, and applying them in today’s marketplace. On the other hand, career coaching assists individuals in finding an opportunity that fits best.

“Usually in transition, people don’t have a clue, but with coaching, they know where they are going and just need help getting there,” says MBJ Group co-owner Jim Bos.

Founded in 2000 by Sarasota residents Jim and Mary Beth Bos, MBJ Group, a talent management company, has spent the past 17 years offering both services to clients and business professionals.

In recent years, the Bos’ have seen a rise in the number of career transition clients due to the ever-changing job market, relocation and other life circumstances.

Whether individuals in their 50s who suddenly realizes they’re not happy with what they have been doing and are in need of a change; a client who has grown tired of the cold and is looking to relocate to sunny Sarasota with little knowledge of the marketplace; or individuals in their 20s who hasn’t quite figured out where they’re meant to be yet, MBJ Group has seen it all.

While each client has his or her own individual story, the process remains the same. Each career transition client completes a series of assessments to determine their individual skills, talents and passions.

At that point, focus becomes key. The Bos’ stress the importance of taking a step back, looking at your own skills and abilities and then determining which types of organizations will best utilize those skills and talents.

Internships and part-time jobs are two of the easiest and most important ways in helping individuals understand where they’ll find the best fit.

“For some people it becomes a step-by-step process to get where they finally want to be because they don’t have all of the skills to fit the job that they really want,” Jim says. “The hardest person is the one that has no clue and has on multiple hats because it’s hard to get them focused.”

Typically, MBJ Group sees a rise in the number of career transition clients in the middle of January and the beginning of September. Clients are looking to either start the New Year off right or can’t imagine staying in their current job for another year and need help looking for something else.

Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the most ideal time to be in the marketplace. The last quarter of every year tends to be when the majority of businesses are planning their budgets for the coming year and will be looking to fill any open positions. The same goes for companies whose fiscal year begins July 1.

So how do you know which job is right for you?

“There’s a difference between matching the job with the skills than matching the job with the organization,” says Jim. “The former is skills and the latter is culture.”

Once a client’s skills have been determined, the interview process and meeting new potential management becomes key. That’s when you find out if you truly fit the company.

Will you be able to utilize your skills to the benefit of the organization? Does the company culture fit your style? Most importantly, are you passionate about the job and are you willing to be the first one to say that you actually want the position?

“Our goal is to find the fit, the leadership, the passion and the style,” Jim says.