Career Transitions

Identify and Communicate Your Talents and Skills to a Prospective Employer

Career Options: almost everyone has questions about their career

  • Did I make the right choice?
  • How do I find the career that I can be passionate about?
  • How do I decide what I want to do?


  • Taking you career to the next level
  • Between jobs
  • Choosing an/or finding a new career
  • Career tailored to a relaxed life style – Baby boomers second career
  • Job misfit
  • Poor supervisor
  • No future
  • College career planning

Transition Services:

Our serviced are designed for those in the midst of developing their careers further or changing their career of job. These services are most effective with individuals who are excited about doing the internal and external work required for enhancing their own professional lives.


  • Who am I? Assessments for determining behavioral & motivational style and determining individual talents and skills as to how you compare on a national basis
  • Effective Interviews- how do I handle that next interview and do I need some preparation so that I can put my best foot forward?
  • Mentoring/Coaching development – do I need some ongoing assistance that will help me make the transition and new job fit me quicker?
  • Presentation Skills: how do I present myself to an employer – is my personal brand being presented as I want it to be?
  • Wardrobe Realignment – what do I need to do to present the professional image to get to that next level of job?