Hiring Top Talent

Hiring Top Talent

Hiring & Recruiting the Top Talent

Are you still depending on resumes, interviews and background checks to hopefully find the right person to fill that job? Not only do you need to answer ‘can’ the person do the job, but the bigger question is ‘will’ the person do the job? The tools are now available to help you find the ‘right’ person and answer the ‘will’ question and add another piece to your hiring & recruiting process!

One of the biggest challenges in today’s business environment is the selection of the most creative and top producing people to fill the jobs right the first time. If you have ever computed the cost of making a hiring mistake, you know the severe consequences.

Our group has a proven track record of assisting companies to eliminate dreaded hiring mistakes.

Because the interview is less than 20% accurate to determine is a person ‘will’ do the job, you do not see the real candidate. The applicant is focused on saying, acting, dressing, and playing the part of the ideal employee. So, just like getting a ‘first impression’, you never really see the true person – they are masking their “natural” behavior.

Our assessments allow you to remove the mask and ascertain, with a high degree of accuracy, who the candidate really is. The assessments we use turn on the light so you can see the real person you are investing in.

Here’s how it Works:

We are not head hunters; we are Behavioral Analysts, Motivational Analysts and Personal Talent & Skill Analysts.

We are passionate about what we do and we want the opportunity to assist you in hiring your first candidate using our leading behavioral and values technology. You find the candidate – we determine if they are right fit for the specific job. Let’s get started today!

Please contact us for the next step. We will furnish all the necessary assessments and profiles to prove our ability to enhance your current selection system. After the assessments have been completed on the internet, we will include personal phone evaluation of your candidate’s scores by one of our Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts, Motivational Analysts and Personal Talent & Skill Analysts.

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