Philanthropic Management


  • Background: Is there one ‘specific’ way to handle what my non-profit struggles with?
  • How do we set-up our development function, how do we manage our staff to meet our mission?
  • How do we help the board deal with strategic planning?
  • How do we develop an active board?
  • How do we eliminate the outdated non-profit mentality?

Resources: Development Services supplies the resources to help you gain perspective on how to handle some of the issues presented above. The following resources are available:

  • Over 20+ plus years of executive management and development experience
  • A CFRE experienced executive available to assist you with your direction
  • Board training experience
  • Experienced recruiting, hiring and development of staff
  • Certified assessments to evaluate the potential staff as part of the hiring process and assistance determining how to best utilize existing staff
  • Executive and team coaching for staff
  • Strategic planning facilitation available to help the organization advance to a new level