Executive And Business

Evaluation and Creation of a Plan

Workforce Planning: Organizations are asking the MBJ Group to assist in developing and implementing:

  • Specialty Plan Development – special planning to help a department/ organization plan for future changes – types of jobs, numbers of employees, training, etc…
  • Succession Planning/Talent Management
  • Organizational Structure Implementation – now that we have our strategic plan put together structurally what do we need to do to implement the plan internally

Philanthropic Management: Special services for a profit and non-profit organization

  • Assist in the hiring, retaining and developing the top talent
  • Develop and assist with the implementation of a strategic plan of action
  • Board Training – duties, roles, expectations, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Executive Mentoring, Coaching for Executive Directors, Development Directors in: leadership development of presence, communications, interpersonal skills and life balance.