Couples In Business

“Now that we are in business together how do we keep the business separate from the great personal relationship that we had prior to going in business together? Or, do we need to keep those relationships separate – we just can’t!

Who is supposed to do what in the business relationship? Who is in charge and how do we make decisions together or don’t we? Who does what when and what happens if my skills are not recognized? We figured all of this out in our other relationship but now it becomes much more difficult because now it’s also a question of economics! It just becomes a battle and now it’s spilling over into our business partnership relationship!”

Working with partners, couples and/or families in business makes for the development of special arrangements in a trusting, honest environment that once business is thrown into the mix – it creates such a problem! We at The Power of 2 have lived this experience and understand what it takes to assist partners, couples and families in business to make it work!

It is not just a Mars versus Venus thing! What’s your communication style what is the difference in our thinking style and what motivates us now seems to be so different from what it was before!

In working with partners/couples/families in business we have developed proven techniques that work not only to keep the relationship intact but also helps utilize the skills of the individual talents involved to their highest level.

Let us help you to find that balance in the business life that you once had or still have in your personal relationship. Put the experience, training and corporate background of The Power of 2 to work for you to make the experience of being in business together the “Peak Performance of a Remarkable Team” that you always knew it could be!

Contact us today to find our how your ‘team’ can succeed to a level that you envisioned possible!