Branding & Strategic Planning

Background: Today one of the biggest issues facing a CEO/President of an organization is how to manage and develop their Staff & Board of Directors. It is one of the key duties and responsibilities of the Executive to foster the success and growth of the organization. The Board is charged with overseeing that the organization is meeting its mission and strategically moving to accomplish its objectives.

Board Training Services:

  • Skill identification of current and potential board members.
  • Identification of communication styles
  • How to recruit and retain top board members
  • How to create succession planning for the leadership positions of the board
  • How to deal with the long-time and beyond their time board member

As a consultant, we partner with the organizations, CEO, Board of Directors, and Executive Staff to assist them in meeting their mission and strategic objectives.

Through our 30+ years of management experience in senior level positions we strongly believe the work begins at the Executive & Board level.

Key Responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Making
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Financial Acumen
  • Hiring & Evaluating the Executive Staff
  • Being an Agency Ambassador in the Community

We can assist in helping you to define your mission and vision, create a strategic plan to carry out the objectives to meet that mission and assess the roles of the Board and the Executive Staff.