HR Assessments

Providing effective HR solutions for today’s workplace is a common challenge faced by managers and leaders. MBJ Group provides research-based, results-driven tools to assist companies in defining areas for improvement, as well as intervention priorities. Understanding an organization’s challenges is the first step in providing effective HR solutions. Below are some of the areas in which MBJ Group can provide tools for productivity through people leadership.

Attitudes & Values

  • Behavior
  • Talents & Skills – Thinking Process
  • TriMetrix – Benchmarking
  • Career Transitions
  • Communication
  • Personal Development & Success
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Personal Growth
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

Attitudes & Values

What is it that causes you to move into action? What are the drivers of your behavior? What activities, careers and conversations inspire a “passion” within you, causing you to want to become involved? The Workplace Motivators™ assessment measures the why of your actions, leading to an understanding of what drives your behavior and defines the attitudes that move you into action.


The behavioral assessments are designed to assist individuals in attaining a greater knowledge of themselves, as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in both our personal and professional lives. Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The behavioral reports lead to this increased self-awareness.

Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ (PTSI)

Want to know the Talents & Skills and how those individiuals think on your staff, a new key tool to understanding people is available to your organization. The new assessment provides information that will aid you in making decisions regarding such issues as hiring, promoting, training, and developing talent.

Trimetrix – Benchmarking

TriMetrix incorporates, DISC, PIAV (Values), and the PTSI. These Assessments stand alone in their ability to analyze skills, behavior, culture and rewards necessary for superior performance in any given job. Let the job speak to say what is needed in the position and then we find the ‘right’ person to fill the job!

Career Transitions

The process for determining if a career change is the right move can be stressful and time-consuming. Once the decision has been made to make a career change, an individual moves into the career transition phase. Questions arise about the type of career to choose, additional education requirements and employment probability for the field. Here are products for people in a career transition, which also outlines positions for a person’s behavioral style and education level.


Effective communication stems from the right combination of tone of voice, words, body language, and pace of speech and actions. Individuals need to learn how to adapt their behavior in order to effectively communicate with others. Using the techniques illustrated in these behavioral reports, individuals immediately open the doorways of communication with others in both their personal and professional lives.

Personal Development & Success

Organizations across the world are intensely focused on their most valuable asset – people. At the same time individuals are getting involved in their own development path and looking for ways to continuously improve their productivity, motivation, and job satisfaction. Discovering what makes an individual “tick” is the first step in providing a continuous improvement action plan. How and why does the individual do the things he or she does?

Customer Satisfaction

Building and maintaining a database of satisfied customers is a challenge for any organization. Having the right people interacting with customers is a key in overall customer satisfaction. Understanding who the customer is and the type of interaction the customer best responds to can be the difference in satisfied and dissatisfied customers. MBJ Group products can teach employees how to recognize the behavioral style of customers and, therefore, adapt their own behavioral style in order to effectively communicate.

Personal Growth

Individuals continually strive to achieve the desired results in life, whatever that may be for each individual. Once the results are achieved, the individual tends to move to the next goal. In order to grow personally or professionally, an individual must have a strong sense of self-awareness, including knowledge of one’s strengths and potential weaknesses. MBJ Group assessments give individuals a stronger sense of self-awareness needed to develop a targeted path to achieve their goals.

Stress Management

Self-awareness can serve as the answer to stress management. Knowing your limitations is sometimes more important in stressful situations than knowing your strengths. The MBJ Group reports will identify how an individual will act in a stressful situation, as well as what will cause stress for the individual. A person can then prioritize tasks based on time and the amount of adapting needed. Overall satisfaction will be increased by the ability to manage the amount of job stress.

Time Management

Managing time and priorities can greatly impact an individual’s productivity. Every individual has a natural way of managing or not managing his or her time. The report, Time P.L.U.S.™, offers solutions for time management based on the individual’s natural behavioral style. This opens up an opportunity for the individual to develop a new approach to organizing, monitoring and managing his or her time.