Executive & Group Coaching


Scheduled individual in person and/or tele-coaching sessions based on of 1 ½ hr/per month (or agreed upon time frame) for a minimum of six months. In addition, this includes unlimited emails and brief telephone calls in between scheduled meeting times.

This program is geared toward the person/team seeking to increase their professional effectiveness, focus and motivation. It is most effective with individuals/teams who are willing to do the work required for enhancing their own lives, both professionally, personally and as a group.

We have experienced great success with all of our coaching clients by requiring them to take three assessments.

  1.  A behavioral assessment (DISC)
  2. A motivational assessment, (Workplace Motivators)
  3.  A skills and talent index (PTSI)

These assessments provide profound insight into the individual, establishing a foundation which assists the focus on coaching.

The Top Ten Reasons For an Executive or Leader to Hire a Coach

  1. To increase his/her ability to leverage time.
  2. To improve the existing culture of the company.
  3. To improve the way he/she communicates.
  4. To foster development of his/her ideas that may be only in the inkling stage.
  5. To get truthful, objective feedback from a professional with no vested interest in the outcome.
  6. To expand his/her vision for the Company.
  7. To have a confidential, safe sounding board.
  8. To point out what he/she cannot or will not see.
  9. To develop his/her ability to handle the faster flow of information.
  10. To find a way to work smarter instead of harder and to have a great life!

The Top Ten Benefits for a Business to Hire a Coach

  1. Achieve extreme profitability.
  2. Learn powerful communication skills.
  3. Assist ‘stars’ to become ‘superstars’.
  4. Increase value to customers/clients.
  5. Find and destroy roadblocks.
  6. Attract the best talent
  7. Foster a coaching initiative.
  8. Give morale a permanent boost.
  9. Upgrade sales and marketing success.
  10. Develop high performance teams.

Mentoring: Mentoring differs from coaching in that the mentor helps guide the individual in a specific direction. We also offer mentoring services with our experienced not-for-profit staff that can significantly assist the individuals in their chosen profession.

Consulting: With our experienced staff in the profit and non-profit field, we are able to offer the service of working with organizations to perform an audit of their programs and services. We will make recommendations for possible changes and strategic initiatives for the organization. This will be done only after discussion with the Executive Director and Board of Directors of the organization. If this is of interest please request a proposal for the evaluation and scope of work that is required.