Recruitment Excellence

Human capital management expert, MBJ Group, Inc., an employment screening firm, will not only help clients assess their own job applicants, but will also provide clients with a qualified pool of applicants through a targeted recruitment, screening and selection process.

A Michigan State University study indicated the interview is only 14% accurate in predicting future performance. Our process boasts a three-part, 37-factor assessment program that enables employers to first benchmark the specific talents and accountabilities needed for superior performance in a position and then to evaluate candidates based on those specified benchmarks.

Benefits include a three-month guarantee on all employees hired and a significantly lower fee than most placement firms. Other benefits include all candidates are assessed for behavioral, driving forces, thinking styles and soft skills; a new hire orientation packet designed to assist the new hires initial development to acclimate them to their new organization; interview ONLY the top 3 to 5 candidates of your choice, and take the personality contest out of internal hiring, by having internal people apply through the system.

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