The current state of the employment market has been significantly shaken up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment is rampant and many individuals are working from their homes if they have not been laid off or furloughed. As businesses begin opening up, here is what we are seeing:

  • Some companies do not need as many employees and others have decided they are not going to hire some back – a turnover selection process.
  • In working from home, employees are evaluating their positions and employers and thinking about looking for other positions in the marketplace – in many instances, these are individuals in top-level or specialty skill positions.

So, what are the implications of what is happening?

  • For front-line workers, the implications are clear. If current career options are limited, employees could do the following differently to secure a better future:
    • Change career choices based on what an individual is passionate about.
    • What types of careers best suit an employee’s behavioral style? Determine a behavioral style by taking an evaluation.
    • Check out career training either online or with career technical colleges.
    • Consider long-term college options that significantly change a career direction.
  • For those that are looking for a new opportunity:
    • What employers are you interested in? Research that organization to determine if it meets your values and has the culture you are looking for.
    • Network to learn more about the organization and determine if there is someone in the organization that you might be able to have a discrete conversation with. You can also use a talent management organization to help you in the process.
  • For employers:
    • Be in touch with employees who are working on a regular basis to find out where they are at and if they are pleased with their current working conditions/environment.
    • At this critical time, who can you not afford to lose and what are you doing to keep them pleased with your organization?
    • What specialty positions would you like to fill for the future and had not considered doing? Now might be the time as individuals may be more open to a move like never before.
    • As an employer, you know that you will not need a number of people, but you want to make it as painless as possible. Consider working with an outplacement organization to assist those who you no longer need in this new environment.