Whether you’re facing a layoff or just surveying your options, there are employers that are actively working to keep operations running and hiring new staff. It’s possible to find a new opportunity even during the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus.

MBJ Group, a talent management agency in Sarasota, Florida, is one organization that is learning to adapt to new practices during this ever-changing job market and is readily working to connect people with the tools they need to succeed.

Jim and Mary Beth Bos, co-owners of MBJ Group, recently led the search for an Executive Director position at a nonprofit. After advertising the position on several websites, an astounding 40 applications were submitted. Jim and Mary Beth utilized Skype as a social distancing-friendly way to narrow down the applicants to the top six.

Prior to beginning the next stage of the interview process for those moving forward, MBJ Group and the nonprofit developed a rating sheet to record their first impressions of all six candidates before any discussion was done by the group.

Using Zoom, the agency and seven interviewers conducted each of the six interviews in a separate chat room. Once an interview concluded, the chat room would be closed and the group moved to the next chat room with a different candidate. One interviewer was assigned to each candidate so follow-up questions could be addressed.

Together, the group selected the top three candidates to proceed with a more stringent Zoom interview, which was longer and addressed specific questions. In preparation of this process, the candidates were given a virtual tour of the agency and were asked to complete an assortment of Behavioral Assessments online from MBJ Group.

Throughout the entire process, MBJ Group was able to eliminate many of the traditional ways of interviewing and hiring. While the hiring process will slowly return to the way it once used to operate, there is no doubt many organizations will continue to use these new ways of working paired with new technologies. To learn more, visit MBJGroup.com.