MBJ Group (MBJGroup.com), a talent management company, welcomed the New Year by celebrating its 17th anniversary in business on Jan. 1, 2017.

Sarasota residents and co-owners Jim and Mary Beth Bos founded MBJ Group in 2000 as a way to help business owners build their companies through executive coaching, staff development and strategic services, among other innovative tools.

“I think the joy for me is working in the company for 17 years and consistently performing and gaining integrity, respect and referrals from clients,” Mary Beth Bos said. “That really is icing on the cake. We truly enjoy what we are doing and foresee doing this for a long time. It’s renewing and keeps us on our toes.”

Over the past 17 years, the Bos’, who balance nearly 20 corporate and career transition clients at any given time, have expanded their service offerings based on feedback they’ve received from their customers and clients.

Whether it’s a client forging a new career path or an established company searching for an executive, the Bos’ provide each of their clients with a similar focus and attention to detail. In doing so, MBJ Group has gained a reputation in the community for going above and beyond to put the client first.

Having graduated from Corporate Coach U, the couple utilizes its business coaching designation and Jim’s four-year coach teaching experience in all aspects of their business.

Today, MBJ Group focuses on four areas, including facilitating searches for nonprofit and for-profit organizations, working with professionals in career transition, utilizing career assessments to assist organizations in the hiring process and coaching senior-level executives.

“It takes a long time for people to see that you’re in it for the long haul,” Mary Beth Bos said. “It doesn’t matter what you did before. It’s what you’re doing now. For us, that’s being diligent and delivering great results for our clients. It’s gaining trust and establishing credibility and integrity. That’s what it’s all about for our business.”

Prior to starting MBJ Group, Mary Beth Bos spent more than 25 years working in the nonprofit sector as a CEO of two foundations, executive director of several organizations, including United Way, and in various marketing, communications and development officer roles. Jim Bos’ leadership background includes 30 years of experience in senior executive management in banking and insurance. His management/marketing experience includes operational management, sales, executive level presentations, corporate communication, advertising, media spokesperson and community relations advocate.

“Our goal this year is to make people aware of who we are and what we offer,” Jim Bos said. “You just don’t know where your next customer or client is coming from. It’s all about talking to people.”

About MBJ Group

Founded in 2000 by Mary Beth and Jim Bos, MBJ Group is a talent management company. The husband-and-wife team has over 60 years of combined experience paired with the creativity, human capital and strategic resources to get the optimal performance from an organization. The premier provider’s services include employee, group and individual talent management solutions, job placement, staff development and strategic services and executive training. For more information, visit www.MBJGroup.com.