SARASOTA, Fla. — Jim and Mary Beth Bos, co-owners of MBJ Group, a talent management company, recently returned from
Scottsdale, Ariz., after attending the prominent Target Training International Success Insights’ Conference.

Themed “Reimagining Excellence”, the annual conference, which was held Jan. 12-14, allowed the Bos’ the opportunity to
meet and network with other talent management professionals from around the world. The couple learned about new
approaches and methods, shared ideas and explored possible strategic alliances.

More than 400 renowned coaches, trainers, recruiters and consultants attended the conference, which is considered the
cornerstone of the talent management industry. The TTI Success Insights’ International Conference is designed to
celebrate the legacy of TTI Success Insights, which provides behavior assessment tools to help business professionals
learn more about themselves and their communication styles, while supporting and connecting talent management
professionals worldwide.

This year marked the 12th time the couple, who have been using Target Training Behavioral Assessments in their business
for more than 15 years, have attended the TTI Success Insights’ International Conference.

“The conference allows us the opportunity to look at our services in a whole new way and how we can make them even
better,” said Mary Beth Bos. “This was probably one of the best conferences that we have attended.”

Featuring keynote speakers, dozens of breakout sessions and leadership panels, the conference brings together the
voices and insights of coaches, consultants and trainers from more than 30 countries.

Throughout this year’s session, representatives from TTI Success Insights, ADDO Worldwide, Bluewater Advisory and
Bluewater Search, The Metiss Group and Projectivity Solutions, among others, spoke on a variety of business-related
topics, including behavior, the impact of demographics on business, generating quality leads, collaboration and more.

Attendees familiarized themselves with the assessments and also learned what the evaluations can do in influencing
others and their perspectives. TTI Success Insights leaders also discussed some revisions to some of the assessments
that will be released March 1.

“We enjoyed seeing how the company is making sure that the assessments meet validity and statistical standards as well
as seeing some of the revisions to some of the assessments that are going to make them better,” said Jim Bos.