MBJ Group recently released a brand-new couples coaching package, an offering that helps pairs with the partnership communication process through a series of assessments and resources for enhanced interactions.

The new service provides coaching for couples with tools to improve communications in relationships – whether they work together or want to work through their communication styles. Throughout the 3-month process, in-person, telephone, or Zoom calls are held to identify each individual’s skills, improve conflict resolution skills with better communication, and identify potential options for issues that may arise.

Communicating in a relationship has many potential pitfalls, especially now that the current environment has forced couples together more than ever,” said Jim Bos, co-owner of MBJ Group. “Recent research has led to the discovery that individuals with similar behaviors and driving forces can still respond differently to situations, especially when they are emotionally charged.”

Three assessments are also taken as part of the process. The DISC assessment provides a comprehensive behavioral overview that outlines the how of an individual’s actions, and the driving forces explain the why of their interactions. Another evaluation will determine a person’s emotional intelligence, which is a key piece to understanding the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration, productivity, and communication between individuals.

Jim and Mary Beth Bos, co-owners of the MBJ Group, share more than 60 years of combined experience in providing talent management solutions. MBJ Group creates performance and operational enhancements opportunities for individuals and corporations.

For more information on MBJ Group’s latest package, call 941-922-1777.