As a business professional in the new norm of virtual meetings, how you present yourself is still an important component to your coworkers and your clients. This includes sitting in on a meeting and/or being part of a team that’s interviewing for a position. Jim Bos and Mary Beth Bos, co-owners of the talent management company MBJ Group, suggest thinking about the message you are sending to an applicant. Be professional and follow some of the etiquette suggestions they have put together below:


  • Do wear a professional top, such as a blouse or button-down shirt. Wear what you would typically wear to a professional meeting – not a t-shirt or tank top. Solid colors are always a smart choice.
  • Do find a well-lit background. Sit in front of a window, shine a soft lamp on yourself or sit outside.
  • Do tidy up your background (unmade beds and clutter lying around is not acceptable). If that’s not possible, use a Zoom green screen or background. Turn off your ceiling fan.
  • Do put your pet in a crate or outside during Zoom calls and interviews.
  • Do inform members of your household that you will be joining a meeting.
  • Do mute your mic when you are not presenting or participating. If you intend to type or flip papers, this is also a good practice.
  • Do situate your computer and camera so you look up to the camera.
  • Do mute your phone and/or turn off the video and sound if you must take a call.
  • Do pretend you are speaking to a person and use genuine facial expressions or occasional head nods, at the very least. Zoom calls can get boring if everyone looks preoccupied – again act professionally.
  • Do join a few minutes early. It gives everyone a chance to work out the kinks. And in an interview situation, it allows everyone to be ready at the appointed time for the applicant as a professional courtesy.


  • Don’t move around or move your computer without turning off your video. If you need to leave the meeting briefly, turn off the sound/video, and if it is going to be for an extended period, excuse yourself.
  • Don’t eat your breakfast, lunch, or chew gum during the meeting. This is not the time to play catch up.
  • Don’t swivel in your chair. If you must leave temporarily, turn the camera off. Pay attention and listen during the meeting, this is what you are there for. 
  • Don’t be distracted or look elsewhere at your laptop, iPad, or another screen.

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